Why You Should Consider Hiring A Coach

According to the 2012 ICF (International Coaching Federation) Global Coaching Study, the coaching industry is now a whopping $2 Billion a year industry and is expected to continue to grow.

Why coaching is on the rise and more importantly why you should consider hiring a coach:

* Personalized coaching can assist senior managers and executives to more quickly achieve their goals

* Coaching can build on strengths and talents to accelerate careers and achieve better results

* Working with a coach can help you move forward, make purposeful career choices and enhance the quality of your life

* Coaching can deepen learning and tap into and optimize potential

* Coaching can assist in uncovering patterns, habits and blind spots that limit you or hold you back

* Coaching can support you in closing the gap between where you are now and where you want to be

* Coaching is terrific for gaining focus, clarity and fresh perspectives

* Coaching is ideal for developing high potential talent, on-boarding new leaders and job transitioning

What is coaching?

* Coaching is the art of guiding individuals or teams to identify, crystallize and then achieve goals

* Coaching is a way of maintaining focus on helping individuals or groups make changes in their lives in order to improve or accomplish desired goals more easily and faster than might otherwise be possible on their own

* The coach provides support by asking powerful questions, providing challenges, structure and focus and by holding the client accountable to action

* The client is supported in determining and creating his/her ideal life, career or dream

According to CoachSource’s most recent 2012 study Executive Coaching for Results: Executive Coaching Industry Research, the following are some key themes and trends that were identified:

* 77% of organizations agreed that coaching use will continue to increase

* Over 90% of the study’s participants identified Leadership Development as the #1 reason for hiring a coach while Executive Presence is the #2 reason for coaching

* External coaches have more years of coaching experience than internal coaches

* More and more organizations are measuring the impact of executive coaching

* “Coaching will play an enormously important role in growing and sustaining great leaders and great organizations”

No matter what you are looking to change or accomplish, a professional coach can assist you in gaining clarity, getting perspective and in supporting you to achieve your goals.

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