“Thank you for everything! You have been an amazing coach, instrumental in helping me stand in my power, showing me my value and confidence. Words cannot express how blessed I am to have you in my life and to call you my mentor.”
- J.K. Business Co-owner
“Linda has been phenomenal, building my confidence and helping me navigate the idiosyncrasies of my organization. As well, she has reinforced my strengths and helped me work on closing my development gaps. In addition, her advice and coaching on a personal level has been amazing.”
- D.L. Vice President
"I have learned so much in four weeks about building rapport with people in general, and peers more specifically. I truly look at people differently; looking for and finding their strengths and skills, without just looking at what I perceive they don't have. The practical applications of everything discussed over the last month has been sometimes challenging but totally worthwhile. Linda is an amazing coach!"
- B.L. Senior Manager
"As a mentor and coach, Linda has provided me with support to refine my strengths and develop my leadership capabilities. Since working under Linda's guidance and coaching, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my communication style and my ability to impact and influence key stakeholders. Linda's candid and constructive feedback is always shared in the spirit of encouragement and growth. She is intrinsically motivated and dedicated to helping people reach their full potential. I confidently recommend Linda to anyone who is eager to achieve higher performance both personally and professionally."
- R.C. Director
"Linda is a great inspiration to me as a dynamic leader of people as well as focused and visionary. She provided valuable direction and guidance through several very successful projects and initiatives that I held leadership accountability for. In addition, Linda's on-going mentorship has been extremely valuable to me towards a successful career and life."
- C.A. Senior Manager
"Wow! Very useable and extremely powerful learning. Linda was great! Her knowledge, experience and understanding clearly came through and her enthusiasm and passion for the content was truly contagious. I really like the pace of the workshop and the high impact interactive exercises really helped to clarity the concepts. Everyone left the workshop with lots of great information."
- J.M. Vice President
"I have taken several of Linda's training programs over the years. I learn something new every time I study with her. She is amazing at teaching you information in a way that has relevance to what you need in your career or business."
- C.M. President/CEO
"Linda presented to a group of People Managers on the Topic of "Networking Secrets and Branding Yourself". This was a great presentation and the group was fully engaged during Linda's presentation. The group participated in a Networking Quiz, reviewed Networking Facts, beliefs about Networking, developing powerful questions and the 30 Second Elevator Speech. We also did an exercise in Rapport Building and set our goals for networking. This was an extremely valuable session and I want to thank Linda for sharing her wealth of knowledge."
- S.B. Senior Manager
"I was fortunate to have Linda as a career coach. She added value from the start and within a few months I was promoted to a dream job. Linda provided guidance and supported me through the entire process. Thank you Linda!"
- R.F. Senior Manager
"Linda has provided excellent services to our Retail Executives on a variety of coaching techniques. The senior Executives who had the pleasure of utilizing this service spoke very highly of Linda's approach, professionalism and overall results achieved by Coaching."
- B.M. Executive Vice President
"The coffee shop wasn't very full that day, but the energetic woman sitting at the table filled the room with her engaging smile. Little did I know how this first of several meetings would positively change my professional career. Linda's expert knowledge of people interactions gave me a fresh perspective on how I could work so much better with peers, executives, and employees. Her engaging personality simply made learning her message content that much more interesting. I heartily recommend Linda Cattelan to any career professional looking to improve on their potential.
- B.L. Senior Manager