My Evolving Role as Mom

I was thinking about how much my daughter has grown up. I love watching the beautiful woman she is becoming as she matures into her adult life. Selfishly, I’m proud of whatever role I have played in her development and evolution. I see her as a strong confident young woman who generally knows what she wants and goes about figuring out how to get it. She is a master at manifesting all that she wants out of her life and so far she’s had a very rich and fulfilling youth.

I spent most of her life being her mom, with all the ups and downs that goes along with that role. More recently I’m noticing the changes our relationship is undergoing as she stretches into her womanhood and I let go of my parental attachments. I am no longer there for her physically, she goes to university 2000 miles away and yet I am so there for her emotionally and spiritually. I love her unconditionally as most parents do. Lately, I’m noticing more open space between us. Our conversations are richer and cover a broader range of topics. It would be foolish of me to think that she is the only one changing. As she is evolving and becoming wiser with age, I too am changing and becoming wiser with age.

When she was a little girl, I used to look at her with such curiosity and wonderment as I anticipated what she might be like as an adult. When she was going through those “terrible twos”, I would have to exert a great deal of patience as I witnessed the “whole” child. This cute, strong and courageous child who pushed her parents’ buttons and challenged boundaries is the same cute, strong and courageous woman who is confident and knows what she wants. Thank goodness we didn’t squash those qualities but rather nurtured them, celebrated them as she grew into her own person. Raising a child is like receiving a Christmas package except that you have to wait 18-20 years to finally open it to see what’s inside.

I’m truly enjoying time with my daughter. Despite the miles and miles between us, I have never felt closer to her and am so happy to have her share with me her accomplishments, her dreams, her fears and her disappointments and I am thankful that she is there for me emotionally and spiritually too, sharing in all my learning, my dreams and my successes.

If you are looking to enhance your relationship with your kids, here are some things to think about:
1)    Love them unconditionally
2)    Know when to let go of parental attachments
3)    Stay curious
4)    Be patient
5)    Enjoy the relationship!