Creating Synchronicity in Your Life

I believe that everything happens to us in our lives on some level as a result of our own making. On some level, either knowingly or unknowingly, we attract our destiny to ourselves.

While I believe we can’t always control what happens to us, I believe we can control how we choose to respond or react to whatever happens to us and that makes all the difference.

When we take “response ability” for everything that happens to us, we maintain power and control and come from a place of empowerment. Accepting “response ability” is not about accepting blame or fault for what happens. It simply means that we accept what has happened and choose to respond not by blaming others or ourselves but rather by choosing to respond with the most appropriate action that will positively move us forward.

On the effect side of the equation, you have your reasons and your excuses for why your life is the way it is. I.e. I can’t make more money because my company won’t promote me. The house is a mess because my teenagers won’t listen to me. I can’t be happy because my husband is out every weekend without me. I’m not valued at work because the boss doesn’t like me. If you remain “at effect” that’s the same as giving up your power or control. This can be a very negative and disempowering way to live your life.

Do you wish to continue to argue for and support your limitations? Wouldn’t it be more empowering to take control of your life and to start creating more synchronicity in order to move towards a more compelling positive future?

Here are some tips to help you maintain a positive “response ability” and to move in a synchronistic way towards more positive outcomes.

  1. Accept your current situation. Accepting your current situation doesn’t mean you have to agree with it or live with it. It simply means you acknowledge where you are presently. Think of it as a starting point. When you accept where you are without blame or excuse, it necessitates taking action.
  2. Look for opportunities. It has been said “when one door closes another one opens”. Doors are being opened for us all the time. We need to be observant and open-minded to notice the potential opportunities that are there for us.
  3. Treat events and disappointments as life lessons. There is no failure only feedback. Every experience we have in some way moves us forward. Either through learning what not to do or by supporting us in getting closer to our desired outcomes. Learn from your experiences. Ask yourself the following question: What do I need to learn from this event?
  4. Be curious about who you cross paths with. I’m always curious about who I meet and cross paths with. What do I need to learn from them? What am I here to teach them? How can they help me? How can I help them?
  5. Accept personal responsibility for change. Your desire and willingness to change is up to you just as my desire and willingness to change is up to me. If you wish to change your current situation you have to be willing to first change yourself. There’s no magic solution. You are in charge of your results.
  6. Set clear intentions. Be clear about your expectations and outcomes. Then let go of the “how” and prepare yourself to be amazed at what unfolds for you. So often, we want to map out all the steps and get stuck when we come across an obstacle in our path. Keep the focus on your goals and intentions.
  7. Create synchronicity. Creating synchronicity is an inside job. Recognize that you have the power to create synchronicity in your life. It starts with your thoughts, your feelings and ultimately, your actions. Success equals right thinking plus right action.

Synchronicity is the coming together of two or more events at just the right time and place. Some people might call this coincidence. When you set your intention for a positive outcome and stay open to opportunities, you are opening yourself up to tremendous possibilities. You have all the resources you need to succeed and the power to achieve your desired outcomes.

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