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Career Planning Bootcamp


Get Real*Get Clear*Get Set*GO



4-week small group coaching and mentoring
program designed for rapid results – just for you!



I’m launching a 4-week small group coaching program:
Career Planning Bootcamp.This is NOT a training. This is a “roll-up-your-sleeves” interactive
and intensive program for quick action-takers and serious job and career transition seekers.



This bootcamp is perfect for you if you:



  • Feel stuck in your career, and need a clear plan and mindset to move forward
  • Are ready to move up, but just don’t have the know how or the tools and strategies to take action
  • Lost your job and need some guidance in securing a new one
  • Are thinking of leaving your job or organization and just don’t know how or where to start
  • Are at the end of one career or thinking of a career change and need help to pivot


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    With everything that is going on right now, I wanted to make my support available to you!





    In the Career Planning Bootcamp, together we will…






    • Get clarity regarding your personal brand, career values, strengths, transferable skills, to make you valuable and marketable
    • Craft an actionable career plan that moves you forward towards your career goals and dream job
    • Get you set up to be motivated, supported and accountable
    • Develop the confidence and mindset to go for it
    • And much, much more!


    “When you don’t have a clear vision; any road will get you there.” A career plan is a blueprint for success providing you direction and helping you make the right choices on your career journey so that each step of the way you have the confidence in what you are doing; nurturing your strengths and developing competencies. Regardless of where you are on your career path, you need a plan.


    This 4-week small group coaching and mentoring program is NOT a training. This is a “roll-up-your-sleeves” highly interactive and intensive bootcamp for quick action-takers and serious job and career transition seekers looking for rapid results.  

    ONLY $497

    BONUS: When you register for the waiting list, you will also receive access to my complimentary training ‘Create Your Confident Career Plan, Accelerating Your Next Big Move’!







    • 4 x 75 Minute Weekly LIVE (Zoom) Interactive Group Coaching Sessions
    • 1 Private Coaching session to collaborate and strategize your specific situation
    • Templates and handouts to complete during and between the sessions to ensure your success
    • Replays of all the Live sessions
    • Bonus: When you register for the waiting list, you will also receive access to my complimentary training ‘Create Your Confident Career Plan, Accelerating Your Next Big Move’!

    Career Planning Bootcamp


    Get Real*Get Clear*Get Set*GO



    Here is a snapshot of what will be covered in each of the weekly modules:

    Self-Discovery Module

    • Elicit and prioritize career values
    • Complete a self-SWOT analysis
    • Identify 4-5 key strengths and “script” each
    • Complete “Stories” Exercise
    • Conduct a “Personal Branding” exercise

    You can find out more about Linda at

    Career Goal Setting Module

    • Define career goals and aspirations
    • Meet your future self
    • Complete a goal setting worksheet

    You can find out more about Linda at

    Career Action Planning Module

    • Pinpoint gaps and strategize how to close/narrow gaps
    • Identify action steps for personal & professional development
    • Craft actionable career plan

    Career Management Module

    • Identify motivation tactics to stay engaged
    • Determine accountability partnerships
    • Decide on celebration milestones and rewards

    Raving Fans – Testimonials

    “I was fortunate enough to have Linda as a career coach. She added value from the start and within a few months I was promoted to a dream job. Linda provided guidance and supported me through the entire process. Thank you, Linda!”
    – R.F. Senior Manager

    “As a mentor and coach, Linda has provided me with support to refine my strengths and develop my leadership capabilities. Since I started working under Linda’s guidance and coaching, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my communication style and my ability to impact and influence key stakeholders. Linda’s candid and constructive feedback is always shared in the spirit of encouragement and growth. She is intrinsically motivated and dedicated to helping people reach their full potential. I confidently recommend Linda to anyone who is eager to achieve higher performance both personally and professionally.”
    – R.C. Director

    “Linda has been phenomenal, building my confidence and helping me navigate the idiosyncrasies of my organization. As well, she has reinforced my strengths and helped me work on closing my development gaps. In addition, her advice and coaching on a personal level has been amazing.” D.L. Vice President

    “Thank you for everything! You have been an amazing coach, instrumental in helping me stand in my power, showing me my value and confidence. Words cannot express how blessed I am to have you in my life and to call you my mentor.” J.K. Business Co-Owner

    Your Questions Answered…


    Why a Career Planning Bootcamp?

    Plain and simple. Over the past several months during COVID-19, many people, just like you, have had to re-evaluate their lives, their careers and their jobs. Many organizations have had to refocus their priorities, and as a result, numerous individuals have either lost their jobs or lost their motivation for the work they were doing. Bottomline, the world has changed, and for many people – that means they have had to change too! The Career Planning Bootcamp is designed to help you make that change – whether it is to find a job, make a career change or to position yourself for success within your current organization. I want to personally help you get the coaching and support you need to be successful in your career and set you up for long-term success.

    What kind of results can I expect to get?

    You’ll gain clarity regarding what’s most important to you in a career, confidence in owning and communicating your strengths and transferable skills, knowledge regarding your professional value, and tangible ideas for marketing yourself. You’ll also walk away with an actionable career plan that you begin to implement right in the bootcamp.

    Where is the coaching happening?

    Each LIVE group coaching session is virtual from the comfort of your own home or office dialing in via Zoom video conference. During the sessions, you will be able to interact LIVE using audio, video as well as through the chat room.

    What is virtual coaching? 

    It’s a great way to engage from the comfort of your home or office. All you need is a phone line (cell phone or land line) or a computer. I use Zoom to make it just like an in-person event, where we can see and interact with each other. Note: Zoom is FREE to use from anywhere in the world, when we use the internet interface.

    What’s the investment?

    The Career Planning Bootcamp is ONLY $497 (plus applicable taxes).

    A Note from Your Career Acceleration Coach,
    Linda Cattelan MBA CPCC PCC MNLP

    I am passionate about helping high-achieving managers, executives and leaders unlock their career, life and leadership potential to achieve clarity, heightened performance and focused action for greater fulfillment, confidence and career acceleration.  

    If you want to leverage my coaching expertise and know-how, and take advantage of this Career Planning Bootcamp, I would be honored to coach you on your career journey!

    I’m looking forward to coaching and mentoring you! 

    Linda Cattelan MBA CPCC PCC MNLP
    Executive & Career Acceleration Coach

    You can find out more about Linda at