Are You Leading a TOP Team?

As a leader you are only as good as the team you lead. They may already be performing well against objectives, or perhaps they consistently fall short of the goals.

A TOP Team performs at: “Team Optimal Performance”. There are 3 key steps to getting on TOP:

T is for TEAM:

•It starts with awareness. Who are the members? What are their individual and collective strengths and weaknesses?
•Do they have a full set of complementary skills to achieve the mission and the vision?
•Are they team cross-functional, multi-skilled and self-directed?
•What is your team dimension vs your team dynamics?
•Having a clear understanding and awareness of the personalities and behaviors of the individuals and the collective team will provide greater perspective on where you are right now in order to determine what’s needed to close the gap or raise the bar to achieve TOP (team optimal performance).

O is for Optimal:

•How well are you leveraging the members?
•As a leader how are you capitalizing on individual and collective strengths?
•How well have you evolved your team to be proactive, effective and highly productive?
•How well are the members interacting with each other and with other teams? The members should be confident enough to work on their own, independently of others as well as have the ability to work interdependently and cooperatively with other members of their team and other teams.
•How well do you understand what’s needed to enhance your team’s performance and the team dynamics?

P is for Performance:

•Are you getting desired results? If not, do you know why not? Knowing where to put your attention and focus will allow you to optimize results and achieve your goals?
•Do you know how well they are currently doing relative to other teams or how well they could be performing?
•What is their ability to achieve optimal performance?

Optimal performing teams have clarity of vision and create strategies to leverage individuals and team talents to drive desired results.

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