7 Tips To Survive And Thrive This Holiday Season

Are you feeling like this holiday season is coming faster than you expected this year? Are you running out of time hoping you can get everything on your personal and professional to do list done in time? Well, perhaps it is time to stop, take a deep breath and make sure you are set up to enjoy this holiday season.

Here are some tips to help you not just survive the holiday season but to really thrive this season:

1. Know your priorities. Take a hard look at your “to do” list and be critical. Make sure you are spending time on your most valued priorities, whatever they are. For me, that means ensuring lots of time spent with friends and family over the holidays. It also means I go full out during the month of November on my professional responsibilities to give me space during the busy holiday season.

2. Make a plan. “What gets focused on, get’s done.” Having a plan provides structure and focus and ensures you get to do all the things you want to do vs must do. My December calendar fills up long before December rolls around mostly with activities I schedule in advance to make sure the activities I most want to engage in are on the plan. I also free my calendar from professional responsibilities after December 15th to allow me to unplug from work and focus on personal pleasures.

3. Get organized. Avoid last minute gift shopping. Make your gift list early and then pick things up on opportunity. I make a list for everything. The gift list. The list of food for each of the events/dinners we host or contribute to. The “to do” list. I also like to organize whatever I can to make it easier not only this year but in future years as well. Like the Christmas tree ornaments that go into neatly organized boxes and stored away from year to year under the staircase. It takes no time to find them when I need them.

4. Keep it simple. Simplify wherever you can. This may mean fewer gift exchanges or cutting back on the number of greeting cards you send out. This year I purchased holiday plant inserts for my front urns simply because it was faster, easier and freed me up to do other things I value more.

5. Manage your stress. Make sure you get enough sleep and you relax whenever you can. It’s helpful to stick to your regular exercise routine throughout the holidays especially if you indulge in extra food or drink. Think about organizing a fun group activity that will combine relaxation, exercise and family time all in one event like a skating party, a toboggan party, or a bowling party.

6. Set boundaries. Decide in advance what you will say “no” to. Know your boundaries and your limits and simply say yes to yourself by saying no to the things you simply can’t do.

7. Have fun. Remember to celebrate and to have fun. You’ve worked hard all year and this is the time to sit back and celebrate the year.

So before the holiday season is over, stop and take some time to truly enjoy and do what is most important to you. I wish you and your families the very best this holiday season. Happy Holidays!

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