7 Steps to Coping with Job Transition

Job transitioning is a significant life event that can be both exciting and extremely stressful. It is important to acknowledge the impact job transition can have on all aspects of your life so that you may better navigate anxiety associated with your life change.

Consider the following 7 steps when facing job transition so that you can move towards a more positive and prepared state of mind:

1. Find out what makes you tick: Take advantage of the opportunity presented to you. What is it you truly desire to do? Now is the time to make your goals clear and to act on them. Don’t waste this chance to find the career you love!

2. Determine how to get to where you want to be: Research what it takes to make the transition from where you are now to where you want to end up. Talk to people in your desired industry. Does the career you want require you to get an advanced degree or another certification? Would it be more beneficial to complete an apprenticeship or internship in your chosen career to learn the ropes first? Find out what steps you need to take to facilitate a successful job transition.

3. Evaluate: This is a time for self-reflection. What are your strengths, weaknesses, and skills? What have you learned about yourself from your past experiences that is relevant to your new job or intended career path?

4. Take care of yourself: Major life changes can take a toll on both your emotional and physical health. Now more than ever, engage in the activities that keep you healthy and happy. Your body and mind will thank you.

5. Don’t focus on how things were supposed to be, focus on how things are now: Look to the future and concentrate on what it is you do want. There is no use focusing on the past and what you cannot control. Accept your present situation so you can evaluate where you are, determine where you need to be, and go forward fearlessly.

6. Keep a positive perspective: This is no time for fatalistic thoughts. Job transition is not the end of the world. When you catch yourself dwelling on the negative aspects of a job transition interrupt your thoughts by listing what you are grateful for. Your thoughts create your reality; create a positive one!

7. Release fear: A job transition may be a time of the unknown but don’t let fear keep you stuck and unmotivated. Even failures are valuable learning experiences; so don’t fear what is to come. When you move forward in the direction of your passion you will always be better off than if you remain stuck in a job you don’t love.

Although job transitions can be a stressful time, they are an exciting opportunity to re-evaluate what you want in your career and determine how to get there. If you are currently experiencing a job transition consider hiring a career coach. A coach can help you clarify your career goals, and aid you in identifying the steps you need to take to facilitate a successful job transition.

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