5 Steps To Make This Year Your Best Year Ever

I’m always amazed how fast the year flies by. Before you know it, another year has come and gone. It’s a great reminder that if you aren’t careful, life can quickly pass you by. Do you want to be on the sidelines watching your life go by, or do you want to be the orchestrator and master of your career, your life and your destiny? Here are 5 steps to make this year your best year ever!

1. Review last year – Take a detailed and honest look back at last year and consider the good and the not so good parts. Acknowledge all of your growth, your accomplishments, and your experiences. Remember to include the personal and the spiritual growth as well as your professional growth. Review all areas of your life as you reflect back on the year: career, creativity, finances, health, relationships, recreation, personal growth, and development. Look for areas to celebrate! What risks did you take that you are proud of? What would you like to acknowledge yourself for? What were some of your biggest accomplishments? What were some of your biggest learning experiences? What was your biggest disappointment or loss? Overall, what was last year about for you? If you were to name it or give it a chapter title, what would the title of this chapter in your life be called?

2. Set yourself up for success – As you review the previous year, consider what you would like to change, stop, start, or continue for the upcoming year. Identify the behaviors and activities that truly made you successful last year, and consider how you might repeat them this year. Recognize that you can’t change others, you can only change yourself. Focus on what you can change, and understand that change begins with you. Stop the activities that are not working for you or simply not adding value to your life. As you set yourself up for success this year, consider what support you might need. This might be the year you hire a professional coach to assist you in clarifying and realizing your dreams and aspirations.

3. Look ahead – Using the full power of your imagination, envision the year ahead. What if it could be exactly as you wanted it to be? What would it look like? What would you see, hear, feel? Who would you be with? Where would you be or go? What would you be doing? Again, consider all areas of your life. What would make you happy in every area of your life? Get very clear on your vision. What will this year be about for you? Give this year a chapter title or theme!

4. Set SMART goals – Turn your vision into bite size pieces by chunking your desires into specific and measurable goals as a way of gaining clarity and focus. The elements of SMART goals are: Simple (10 words or less), Measurable and Meaningful (something you have control over), As if now (use present tense vs future tense words), Realistic and Responsible, and Timely and Toward what you want (ensure there is a target date). Make sure you write out your goals and then read them out loud every morning. By using all your senses: visual, auditory and kinesthetic, you engage your unconscious as well as your conscious mind. Your conscious mind is your goal setter. However, it is your unconscious mind that is your goal getter.

5. Start taking action – As you plan each day’s activities, ask yourself: What one thing can I do today that will move me in the direction of at least one of my goals? Taking small steps in the direction of your goals will result in huge gains over time.

Get off to a great start and make this your best year ever!

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