3 Ways NLP Can Help You Be More Successful

There are many ways NLP has helped me, and it can assist you too in your career, business or in your personal life. NLP has helped me grow personally and professionally, and has been invaluable to me in growing my business from a start up to a thriving professional coaching business. NLP has provided me with tremendous tools and techniques I use regularly in my coaching practice to assist others in achieving their career and life goals.

So what is NLP?

NLP is the acronym for Neuro Linguistic Programming; the study of excellence and the study of excellence in communication (with yourself and others) in order to create the results you want!

So let’s look at 3 ways NLP can help you be more successful:

1. Personal Growth & Development – I firmly believe in continuous self improvement. In my many years of career and life experience, NLP has been the single best investment of my time and personal growth and development training. In this age of rapid change and transition if you aren’t moving forward you risk being left behind. NLP helps you remain focused on personal excellence, maintain motivation and allows you to tap into your true potential. It provides tremendous structure for goal setting (conscious mind) and goal getting (unconscious mind). Many people feel stuck, unable to move forward in whatever they are doing. NLP helps you identify what is going on that is making you feel stuck and provides some valuable tools and techniques for helping you get unstuck, get motivated so you can easily move forward and achieve your personal or professional goals. While I know I’m not perfect, I focus on growing each day through my many failures and successes knowing these experiences are feedback for my continuous learning and improvement.

2. Business Growth – NLP tools and techniques help you grow your business, whether you are in sales, run your own business or are in a professional career impacting and influencing others to see your point of view. Many successful entrepreneurs and business minded professionals regularly use and have honed their impact, influence and sales skills as a result of studying NLP. Developing and enhancing skills in the areas of rapport building, selling, impact and influence and communication skills and techniques have truly allowed me to grow my business and enjoy a wonderful and successful business over the past 7 years as an entrepreneurial professional coach. As a career and business minded professional, you want all the leverage you can get to prosper in your business and/or career.

3. Tools & Techniques – NLP is a tremendous coaching toolkit that I draw on to make me a better coach. I have fully integrated NLP methodologies and techniques into every aspect of my coaching practice starting with the coaching enrollment process right through to how I run my business and how I coach my clients. The many tools and techniques available can help you be more successful in your current role, assist you in helping others be more successful in their roles and provide you with valuable know-how to set and achieve desired goals and outcomes.

If you would like to experience NLP for yourself, please contact Linda at linda@lindacattelan.com.

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