3 Massive Mistakes Career Professionals Make

I work with so many career professionals who are frustrated about being passed over for promotion or overlooked when it comes to plum job opportunities. Often they don’t know what they are doing wrong that is keeping them stuck and not realizing their full potential.

So here are the 3 massive mistakes even smart career professionals make and what you can do about it:

Mistake #1: They don’t CELEBRATE themselves!

To celebrate yourself does not mean you are self-serving or even narcissistic. Rather, it means to acknowledge yourself for your accomplishments and to take credit for a job well done. It is important to celebrate your successes and to self-promote yourself. Successful people know how to celebrate and share their wins in a way that gets them noticed. And if you are one of those career professionals who expect their work to speak for itself then expect to be disappointed when the work goes unnoticed or unappreciated. Here are some effective self-promotion strategies you can use:

1. Copy your boss on specific emails that highlight or showcase your successes

2. Keep track of all your successes and accomplishments

3. Make sure you are heard by contributing at least one relevant point in every meeting you attend

4. Look for opportunities to take a leadership role in the workplace

Mistake #2: They lack CONFIDENCE!

To be confident is to feel good about yourself and your abilities. To know what you stand for and why. Not to second guess yourself but rather to be self-assured. To be confident is to feel empowered. Confidence does not mean arrogance or power tripping. Here are some confidence building strategies to consider:

1. Use the power of your voice and the power of your body language

2. Take your place at the meeting room table

3. Network internally and externally

4. Learn from others

Mistake #3: They don’t have a CAREER PLAN!

One of my favorite quotes is: “when you don’t have a clear vision, any road will get you there.” A career plan is a blueprint for success. And in today’s job environment you want to be in charge and in control of your own career. You can no longer rely on your employer to prepare you for your next promotion or job opportunity. The responsibility to perform and to ramp up quickly is left to you the employee and that means you need to approach your career in a very different manner. Here’s the best way to develop your career plan: Get an expert coach to guide and mentor you!

No matter where you are in on your career path currently… at the start of your career or perhaps nearing the end and thinking about retirement – you need a career plan!

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